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Hello there again Ladies and Gents!

This is the final reminder that Yule Ball registration will close this Saturday, and there will be no tickets sold at the door. That means that right now you have 2.5 days left to register.

Remember, you can get more info and buy tickets at: http://dickensianyuleball.blogspot.com/

Feel free to email me to direct message me with any questions or concerns!

<3 Teri
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yule ball2
Originally uploaded by mn_egl
This is a reminder to everyone that if they want to attend the Yule Ball, that they should possibly consider registering earlier rather than later! Starting in early September I'll be starting another round of advertisements about the ball- and last time I did that we filled over 1/4th of the tickets in a single weekend. I don't want any of you left out!

Also! Pictures of the location are now up on the site. If you guys haven't seen this location yet, you should really have a look!

Ball info is, as ever, over there: dickensianyuleball.blogspot.com

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Hosted at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design in Minnesota, this internationally recognized three-day event comprises manga drawing workshops, guest lectures by academic experts and professionals in the anime and manga industry and a cosplay fashion show.

The event runs from September 25-27 at MCAD in Minneapolis, MN and is open to students of the school and non-students alike.

Check out our blog for updates on guests, workshops, news, and further info!


(Apologies for posting on multiple communities. We're trying to get the word out as much as possible!)

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I am super sorry....... I switched LJ user names soo long ago, and at the time, this community was dead-I didn't think of relocating it.. It wasn't till just today that somebody emailed me and told me the community was alive! Woww
Any who, I would be more then willing to change the moderator. Votes?
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Updated for sale post :)

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Lisa and I have decided to make this: http://events.mnhs.org/calendar/results.cfm?eventID=3548&bhcp=1 our valentines day date this year. It's romantic to us, anyways. It's not actually on Valentines, but that's ok. We will definatly be going fancy. Anyone else interested? If so, I suggest making a reservation sooner rather than later. For those of you whos interest is not piqued simply by a link, here's a basic description:

Enjoy a traditional cream tea with scones and sweets in the Carriage House and learn more tidbits about Victorian women, the "Cult of Domesticity," and their take on the birds and bees. Costumed staff will serve the tea and tarts, prepared by McHattie's Victorian Times, as participants enjoy musical entertainment from the Klondike Kates of the St. Paul Winter Carnival. The tour focuses on this era's "soiled doves," the dangers of hysteria and other unmentionable details.

Its at the Ramsey House, in St Paul. I'd love to storm the place with rufflebuts.

(actually, it looks like this "Victorian Nights" is a set of educational tours- we are definatly going to try to attend the one on victorian courtship and wedding ettiquite! its even cheaper. That ones in march.)

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Hello all,
There will be an awesome fashion show coming up on February 9th. My designs will be in it. Here is the flyer...

I need models around these sizes bust 38, waist 33, Hips 38 and under. Height doesn't really matter. Email me here, at myspace or at kmlea22@gmail.com.
Thanks so much! I hope to see you guys at the next meetup!

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My name is Ashley, and I have already fallen in love with this community.

Here's my introduction:Collapse )
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IMGP5827 copy

Once again, I had a great time at Chamber, the new weekly "goth/steampunk/lolita" event at the Bolt Underground in downtown Minneapolis. It's a lot of fun, they play tons of great music, and they mix some seriously strong drinks. You should come out and join me next time! I promise I'll take some fabulous photos of you if you do! All of the photos from last night are here.

IMGP5625 copy
There's mad scientists!

IMGP5715 copy
And romance!
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Hello, my name is Amy and I am very new to EGL.  I work downtown at the Marshalls. I'm average. I like black and sweet Lolita and want to try out wa-lolita. Very nice to meet you all! 
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I was just wondering if anyone was planning on doing any lolita panels or events/meet ups at Anime Detour. Molly and I were considering doing some type of panel but we're not sure yet. Also, out of curiosity who's planning on attending Anime Detour?
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I know Jon posted something already, but things are gonna have to change on that. We don't have a car, so there is no way to get down to the cities for a birthday get-together for me. I will, however, be doing something up here in Saint Cloud for my birthday and anyone that is able to make it up here is welcome to come. Once our situation is better, I will hold a little 21st party for those of you that couldn't make it. I am not expecting any gifts for my birthday, I am just hoping to be able to see people! So I hope some of you can come see me!

And if anyone knows of any cars for sale around $500-$700 please let me know!

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January Meet-up

This venue is all ages until 10pm apparently, so if this runs late, people under 21 must scoot :)

Anyway, I thought I'd invite those of you with anachronistic tendencies. Please keep within the realm of the era (1880-1940). Thanks!
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So Ava and I have been talking, would anyone be up for a last minute emergency meet up this sunday in Maple Grove?


So the plan is to meet at Caribou Coffee, tomorrow, at 6 in Maple Grove and we will decide a cheap eatery or something afterwards. It will all be cheap because we are all poor! XD My number is 651-336-3425 if you are lost or running late.


1. Paige
2. Molly
3. Ava
4. Jon
5. (this could be you!)

So it seems as though no one can attend, so it's a no go. T.T WE <3 U ALL THOUGH!

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There was mention last meet up of a meet up tonight at the chamber? So...what's going on with that? XD
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So here's the gist, Fame Digest wants me to bring my fancy friends to Envy nightclub in Downtown Mpls to fill the venue with cool people. It's not my fashion show, it's just an event they want us to come to.

Now, this is not really our scene right? Well think about it this way, if you were an old school Club Kid, you'd go anyway and look fabulous wouldn't you? I know! Genius right? AND if you mention my name, Samantha Rei, your $10 cover gets bumped up to VIP for the event!

So in essence, we'll be taking over the VIP section, looking fabulous, getting our picture taken!

So, let's do it. The usual suspects are going, come make yourself known. This will most likely be a one time thing (Envy) so don't worry, I'm not cheating on Chamber :)

Don't forget it's +21

Comment if you are coming with all of us! PM me if you have questions.

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